Brandon Brown, Chief Executive Officer

A proven leader in building software businesses, Brandon Brown became CEO in March 2009, with overall responsibility for the continued growth and success of Zodiac. Brown has more than 25 years of experience in software businesses, including 15 years with small- to medium- size software and services companies focused on emerging technologies. The companies Brown helped to build have delivered revenues in excess of $100 million annually, achieved growth rates of 40% to 200% percent yearly, and have successfully concluded in both acquisition and IPO, with total market capitalization values in excess of $600 million. Previously Brown worked with multinational firms including General Electric and Lockheed Martin. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queen’s College and advanced studies in Finance and Brokerage Operations at New York University.

Michael Rivkin – Global Chief Technology Officer

As the co-founder and CTO of Zodiac Interactive, Michael Rivkin has been the driving force in developing Zodiac’s technological vision, including architecting Zodiac’s set-top libraries and PowerUp interactive TV framework. While providing technology leadership to Zodiac, Rivkin oversees the development and deployment of all of Zodiac’s products and ITV software. Prior to joining Zodiac, Rivkin had vast experience in architecting and developing real-time booking engines, management suites, and interactive portals for companies including IKON, nPorta, and InfoGo. Rivkin graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech University.

Leon Rivkin – Principal Technologist

Leon has over 25 years of software design and development experience, of which 15+ years have been in the telecommunication and interactive TV industries. He started his professional career at the age of 15 writing commercial software while working on his degree in Math and Computer science. In 1993 he immigrated to the US and Leon founded one of the first commercial web development and hosting companies in 1995. In 1996 Leon worked with Supply Work – a joint venture between MIT, Office Depot, American Express, and Microsoft – which led to the creation of The Open Buying on The Internet Consortium (OBI) and the first specifications for web services. During this time, Leon also pioneered field use of technologies such as XML, DOM/COM+, J2EE, non-relational databases, in-memory databases, geo-redundancy multisite synchronization, and distributed message queues in large scale field deployments. In 1997 Leon joined Bell South’s Science and Technology division winning 2 prestigious “Innovative Product of the Year” awards during his 3 years of employment. In 2000 Leon led an independent team tasked with creating a comprehensive iTV system for Sony-Cablevision IO, and subsequently joined Cablevision in 2002. Over the next 5 years he oversaw the creation of Cablevision’s server side infrastructure. In 2008 Leon joined Zodiac as an independent consultant and in 2010 he became a member of the management team. As Zodiac’s Principal Technologist, Leon oversees the design and development of Zodiac’s next-generation platforms and cloud architecture.

James McLoughlin – Senior Vice President of Sales

Jim joined Zodiac lnteractive in January 2009 as Senior Vice President of Sales which includes the marketing and business development functions. Since then he has been responsible for opening new business channels and revenue opportunities with traditional video service providers as well as set top box OEMs, chipset providers, and content developers. Prior to joining Zodiac, Jim was VP of Sales, Marketing and Business Development for WorldGate Communications for eight years and at Home Box Office for 20 years in the affiliate sales organization responsible for regional and national accounts. Jim has a BA degree from Niagara University, MA degree from Columbia University and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Andrew V. Ustinov – European Chief Technology Officer

Andrew joined Zodiac lnteractive in October 2009 as System Architect. Andrew is currently the Chief Technology Officer for Zodiac Interactive’s Saint Petersburg Office where he manages over 130 engineers and developers. During his time at Zodiac, Andrew has distinguished himself with his deep knowledge of the PowerTV and OCAP platforms and the fact he was the on-site integrator for over a year on the deployment of the OCAP (true2way) platform at a major service provider. Prior to joining Zodiac, Andrew was at Jensen Technologies where he was involved in the key functions of program management and system analysis. Andrew attended Leningrad State University where he graduated with distinction in Applied Mathematics.
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